Cure Treatment is an exclusive method

created by Le mieux.

And it's derived from experience.

Only Le mieux holds this expertise

and finesse in Japan.


What is Cure Treatment?

It’s a treatment method that is based on a thorough understanding of the human physiology to help revive
your body’s innate functions, to attain not merely a superficial, but rather a truly, healthy beauty.
We start from a basic aroma massage, and proceed to explore a total treatment head to toe, employing
the theories and techniques from myofascial release, our original hydrogen massage, chiropractic,
meridian*, lymph node drainage, movement therapy, and physio anatomy.
As your body regains its potential function, you will feel the beauty flourish from within.
10 years in business--the booming count of customers brought to us by word of mouth, simply proves
the point. Our specialized staff train daily, to assist you bring back that “healthy and beautiful body”.
We at Le mieux advance to incorporate skills and knowledge, and continue to evolve. We hope to offer you
a level of health care and a beauty of the highest quality that you deserve.
*Meridian: A pathway connecting acupuncture points where “energy”, in Oriental Medicine, is believed to flow.

Service contents

Complete Personalized Regimen

We monitor our customer’s individual skeletal structure, muscular configuration and the extent of their
adhesion to each other. This helps us choose the best treatment regimen for you, based on our extensive
experience and understanding.
・We carefully discuss the cause and treatment for the symptoms and derive a regimen plan best for you.
・All our treatments are personalized and custom-made to suit your purpose, preference,
and your current physical condition.( The treatment is basically performed by hand. In some cases,
we may utilize cavitation, hot stone, herbal tent and cupping. )
・Our services are compatible with your daily well being and state of mind,
so they are sustainable and exciting.
・All services need reservations and can be made via WEB or phone.


・Custom-Made Course : ¥36,500 ( including tax ) / 120 ~150 minutes Includes treatment from head to toe.
・Hydrogen Custom-Made Course : ¥44,000 ( including tax ) / 150 minutes
Our original treatment method that “releases hydrogen while massaging”

Private Jacuzzi or bath: ¥6,600 ( including tax ) / 30 minutes ( available only at Le mieux SPA toyosu )
※ Please ask for extended time.
※ Yumi Iwasa is not available upon request. All customers are attended equally in turn, including celebrities.



S h o p

Le mieux SPA toyosu

[ Open hours ] 10 : 00 ~ 21 : 00 / closed irregularly
・An excellent view of Tokyo bay, with the largest level of luxury spa, occupying 660 square meter
・Variety of rooms choices: Couple’s room where two can be serviced simultaneously,
rooms with view of Tokyo bay, and rooms with bath tubs or Jacuzzi.
Therapy rooms : 13 ( including 3 rooms for couples )   Number of beds : 16
Bath tubs : 5 ( including 3 Jacuzzi ) ( tubs for gentlemen are independent, others are inside the therapy room )
Shower rooms : 2 each for ladies and gentlemen, total of 4   Powder rooms : fully equipped
Locker rooms : 1 each for ladies and gentlemen, total of 2   Relaxation space : 5 beds
Address : 3rd floor Urban Dock Lalaport Toyosu, 2-4-9 Toyosu Koto-ku, Tokyo 〒135-8614
Parking space : available ( for free )


Le mieux aoyama

[ Open hours ] 11 : 00 ~ 19 : 00 on Mon. and Tue. / 11 : 00 ~ 21 : 00 Wed. and Thu.
/ 11 : 00 ~ 20 : 00 Fri. / 10 : 00 ~ 19 : 00 Sat. Sun. & Holidays
・The largest, luxurious rooms within our branch, located at Meiji Jingu Gaien, surrounded by greenery.
・Facing Aoyama Street, located conveniently within walking distance from
Tokyo Metro Aoyama Icchome or Gaien Mae station
Therapy rooms : 5 ( 2 are available for couples )   Beds : 5   Shower rooms : 2
Powder rooms: equipped in each room   Parking space : none ( available nearby )
Address : 7th floor Saito Building, 2-12-15 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 〒107-0062
Access : 7 min. walk from Aoyama-Icchome Station Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line


Lily of the Valley Ginza


[ Open hours ] 10 : 00 ~ 21 : 00 / closed irregularly

■ Therapy rooms : 6  ■ Shower rooms :  fully equipped

■ Powder rooms : fully equipped  ■ Parking space : none ( available nearby )

■ Address : 12th floor Zegna Ginza Building, 2-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 〒104-0061

■ Access :1 minute walk from Ginza Itchome Station, 3 minutes walk from Ginza Station, 5 minutes walk from Yurakucho Station



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